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Graphic Designer for Pat Davis Design Group.

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Pat Davis Design group has been serving clients nationally and internationally for over four decades. The agency is well-versed in a wide range of industries including more than 25 industries. We fancy ourselves as truly a one-stopshop marketing communications agency covering any of the following services:

Branding & Strategy
Marketing Communications
Graphic Design & Creative Services
Strategic Planning
Event Planning
Content Development, Research & Technical Writing
Web & Digital Media
Grant Writing, Consulting & Administration
Executive Coaching & Organizational Development

Pat Davis Design group has been serving clients nationally and internationally for over four decades. The agency is well-versed in a wide range of industries including more than 25 industries. Direct projects with Pat Davis have included the following:

Economic Development
Government & Municipalities
Professional Services
Real Estate
Retail & Wholesale
Tourism & Travel
Workforce Development

Graphic Designer for Green Acres Nursery & Supply, Matsuda’s Nursery and Outdoor Living.

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Graphic Design
Role included a wide range of responsibilities for all three companies included:
Creative Project Management, Creative Strategy
Design & Copy.
Print Production, Printing & Fulfillment Management
Email, Catalog, Digital
Page Layout, HTML Development & UX Design
Event Collateral & Marketing
Brand Development
Photography – original and stock
Green Acres Nursery & Supply is a consistently growing company within the Sacramento region. The company stays true to its customer-focused roots with each new expansion. Specific to this growth came an increasingly mobile audience, a series of responsive environmental shifts were put into play replacing a largely static format

Matsuda’s Nursery brand had existed for over 30 years as solely a logo. The brand was expanded to include trailer wraps, catalogs, original photography, photography style guides, website, branded pots and plant tags and general marketing materials

Outdoor Living required a promotional identity within Green Acres marketing materials. Numerous strategies were put into place to keep the unique services and products as a complimentary partner.

BGS Plan Co. had been a long time client. Work completed has fallen into many categories and medium. The most current work is a complete renovation of their website focusing on mobile and SEO optimization.


BGS Plan Company has found within its industry a unique straddling point. It services largely first time clients looking to make a significant investment into their property while offering a product that is often provided for free. It does this by bundling several costly services into an economical product.

Education was and remains the impetus for their solution to this problem. Their plans provide a level of detail and direction that impress owners, contractors and permit agencies. Their sales rely on in depth knowledge and consulting with the client.

Their website began as a database format with heavy emphasis on manually searching through statistical data. The redesign introduced the concept of a visually rich four click process to arrive at the plan closest matching the client’s needs while also introducing an automated advanced search function to aid in the sales process.
Fiduciary Services a private financial services company focused on aiding the elderly, impaired and disabled military veterans. Trust is the cornerstone of each relationship maintained with the clients and families they serve.

An identity solution sought to reflect this network by projecting their values and reputation.  Because the business relies so heavily on maintaining intimate relationships the principal’s initials were the obvious end point.  The logo focused on a offering a sense of how interconnected Wendy Moore’s services are a network of legal, medical and financial professionals in the quality of a signature.


Their website was developed to offer a sense of natural transition and security for those clients and their family members wanting to know a bit more about Ms. Moore and her services.

Middleton Gardens is a Sacramento based landscape construction and management company. In its fifth year marketing and identity began to demand a more significant role for the business.


Middleton Gardens was in need of a cohesive identity to present the quality and potential of its craft.

In essence the company is a hybrid of two prior generations. The original name began with the founding of a small flower and fruit farm in Healdsburg, California. The second generation chose instead of farming residential architecture and construction. The third and current generation took from the prior two by focusing on residential and commercial landscape and construction.

Logo & Photos

Research into the company’s history provided the foundation for key identity elements. The logo was developed from the concept of a family crest comprised of elements and objects most central to their practice. It presented a current and active feel in the setting of a historical icon.

Developing a visually consistent photographic portfolio was an intermittent two year project.

Trinity Technology is a Sacramento based company servicing state and private agencies with analysts, engineers, technical specialists and project management to provide end-to-end solutions.

Project Overview

Trinity TG developed a capitated payment system which made dramatic improvements to current state standards. I was brought in as a consultant to develop and execute an interactive platform to market potential clients as well as educate current.

The site required a large amount of technical data targeted to satisfy the interest of four specific audience groups. I developed an organizational framework using a reveal methodology to specifically address each group while maintain consistency for any general audience. The result was a user friendly technical rich space

The site is currently being used as a private educational space with guidelines in place for further expansion.